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American Cancer Society Honors Dr. Michael A. Andrykowski with the Trish Greene Quality of Life Award
Award honors individuals for research that improves quality of life of cancer patients

ATLANTA – October 2, 2017 – Outstanding volunteer Michael A. Andrykowski, Ph.D. has been honored with the 2018 American Cancer Society Trish Greene Quality of Life Award, a prestigious national honor that recognizes an individual who dedicates a significant portion of their career to research that improves the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.

Dr. Andrykowski, professor at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine is a pioneer and leader in psychosocial oncology, consistently expanding the scope, research and supporting efforts to promote quality of life among individuals diagnosed with cancer. From his early contributions to understanding the quality of life impact of chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting to his recent program of research examining quality of life concerns among lung cancer survivors, Dr. Andrykowski has consistently contributed to the scientific foundation for quality of life considerations among cancer survivors.

“The American Cancer Society is pleased to honor Dr. Andrykowski for his dedication to advancing research within the field of psychosocial oncology and contributions to improving the quality of life care for cancer patients,” said Marion Morra, MA, ScD, chair, Trish Greene Quality of Life Award Workgroup, American Cancer Society. “Not only do we salute Dr. Andrykowski for his pioneering work in this field and for bettering the lives of today’s cancer patients, but also for his efforts in mentoring and training the future scientists in psychosocial oncology.”

The Trish Greene Quality of Life Award honors the life and work of the late Patricia (Trish) Greene, RN, Ph.D. Dr. Greene served in a variety of roles as both a volunteer and staff member throughout her 20-year association with the Society. The Trish Greene Quality of Life award honors Dr. Greene’s memory and recognizes the significant contributions that researchers make in the journey to achieving excellence in compassionate care for people facing cancer.

Dr. Andrykowski is credited with being among the first scientists to examine neurocognitive aspects of quality of life among cancer survivors, having studied neuropsychological sequelae of hemopoetic stem cell transplant. He is also known for his study of cancer as a life transition in recognition that the cancer experience can be transformative and lead to positive outcomes in addition to reductions in quality of life.

In addition to his scientific contributions, Dr. Andrykowski has remained committed to training the next generation of cancer and quality of life researchers and clinicians. He has served as principal investigator for multiple federally funded training grants, creating educational opportunities and support for future cancer quality of life researchers. He has also developed and offered an advanced graduate course in psychosocial oncology, catering to students from numerous academic disciplines, including clinical psychology, counseling psychology, social psychology, social work, nursing, medicine and kinesiology. Dr. Andrykowski has mentored many next generation psychosocial oncology and quality of life researchers and was honored with the Outstanding Research Mentor Award from the Society of Behavioral Medicine in 2008 and the William B. Sturgill Award for Outstanding Contributions to Graduate Education in 2009.

Dr. Andrykowski has made an impact within the scientific community and has reviewed grants for every major cancer research funder from the American Cancer Society through the European Union. He is acknowledged as a leader through his wealth of knowledge and experience in helping advance this field and maintaining high standards of scientific rigor. In recognition of his service to the scientific community, Dr. Andrykowski was awarded the University of Kentucky Provost’s Distinguished Service Professorship from 2009-2011.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society awards programs, visit cancer.org.