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American Cancer Society Honors Cancer Caregivers with Lane Adams Quality of Life Award
Aug 27, 2018

ATLANTA – August 27, 2018 – The American Cancer Society recognizes six outstanding individuals with the 2019 Lane Adams Quality of Life Award, a national honor for leadership in serving the complex needs of cancer patients and their families. The 2019 recipients include Diogo Barbosa from Denver, Catherine Gaines, PA-C from Lumberton, N.C., Jackie Miller, RN, BSN, OCN from Medford, N.J., Roshani Patel, MD, FACS from Manchester, N.H., Amy Roberts, LCSW from Ocala, Fla., and Mandy Samford from Gilbert, Ariz.

“We are pleased to acknowledge these extraordinary volunteers for their dedication to the improvement of quality of life and for providing compassionate, skilled care and services to cancer patients and their families,” said Susan D. Henry, LCSW, Chair, 2018 Lane Adams Quality of Life Award Workgroup. “These individuals have all gone beyond the duties of their positions to make a significant difference in the daily struggles of cancer patients.”

The Lane Adams Quality of Life Award recognizes unique caregivers who lead in their areas of expertise and make significant impact on patients, families and communities. This award also represents the concept of the “warm hand of service,” which is an integral part of the Society’s commitment to excellence in cancer care and specifically emphasized by Lane W. Adams when he served as executive vice president of the American Cancer Society. Lane’s definition of the warm hand of service was to “serve others and enrich the purpose of one’s existence.

Lane Adams Quality of Life Award winners:

Diogo Barbosa is the sole patient navigator for the GI Lab at Denver Health and navigates hundreds of patients per year. He has elevated the role of patient navigator both at Denver Health and in the community. Barbosa focuses on helping patients overcome significant barriers including preparing for colonoscopies, language, companionship, and transportation. He is an expert at finding financial and community resources for patients that can’t afford their prep supplies (RX, drinks, Jell-O), co-pays, or any other expenses associated with a colonoscopy. Barbosa goes above the expectations of his job to always ensure his patients have access and opportunity for colorectal cancer screening. 

Catherine Gaines, PA-C is a certified physician assistant for Gibson Cancer Center Navigation Department at Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton, N.C. She works hard at cancer prevention through education. Gaines has developed a Navigation Program that focuses on guiding the patient through the cancer care system to ensure timely diagnosis, treatment, and support. Patient care is her priority and number one focus. She has a strong desire to prevent the disease by educating the public. Gaines partnered with ACS on a community education initiative on the importance of colorectal screening. She led this initiative by securing grants, location, funding for food, and involvement from lead peers in the community. Gaines also chaired a Bark For Life event, using it not only as a fundraising opportunity for ACS but to bring the community together to raise cancer awareness, screening and prevention.

Jackie Miller, RN, BSN, OCN is the manager of the NJ Cancer Education and Early Detection (CEED) Program at Virtua Health System in Medford, N.J. She is an accomplished clinician with diverse nursing, team leadership and team building skills. She is a passionate patient advocate who continually looks deeper for new ways to meet the needs of cancer patients and their families. Miller became the first nurse navigator in Southern New Jersey. Recognizing the devastating effect on children’s lives when a parent is diagnosed, she founded Camp Oasis. Camp Oasis provides a respite for children to help manage their emotions during this time.

Roshani Patel, MD, FACS is a highly regarded visionary leader that joined the Dartmouth-Hitchcock medical staff in 2010 and is a key player in its breast cancer program. She was instrumental in developing care pathways for newly diagnosed patients that provides a seamless transition between diagnosis and treatment, using targeted therapies to decrease toxicity, improve tumor response, incorporate support services, cancer rehabilitation, physical exercise and nutrition to improve medical outcomes and quality of life. Dr. Patel serves on many medical boards including the New Hampshire Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration’s Board of Directors, is chair of the Medical Advisory Committee, and is the chair of the New Hampshire State for the Commission on Cancer’s Liaison Program. In these roles, she is a constant champion of the ACS initiatives and programs.

Amy Roberts LCSW, MMT is a licensed clinical social worker in Ocala, Fla. She values the importance of training for oncology social workers and understands the unique needs of cancer patients and their families. Professionally, she has served as a leader for the Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers to ensure oncology social workers in Florida have the opportunity for education and support. workers as she understands the unique needs of cancer patients and their families.  She is a strong advocate for the role of social workers and that of caring for oncology patients. Professionally, she has served as a leader for FSOSW (Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers) to ensure oncology social workers in Florida have the opportunity for education and support. Roberts is a leader in her community in providing support programs and opportunities for cancer survivorship events. Besides her full-time position, she also leads supports groups in the community, including the Family Cancer Group and a Women’s Cancer Support Group Program. She is an active member of HUGS (Heartfelt Unconditional Giving to benefit cancer patient) Charities, Cancer Alliance of Marion County and the North Central Florida Cancer Control Coalition. Robert’s passion and dedication to her community and patients translates into her weekends as she is always spotted at local events supporting her patients. She is also engaged with the ACS Road to Recovery Program, and has helped with recruitment of volunteer. She even advocated for her employer to support Road Driver recruitment efforts by sponsoring a billboard with a call to action to join the ACS Road to Recovery Program as a volunteer driver.

Mandy Samford has been a Look Good Feel Better volunteer for over 17 years. She is the Phoenix Metro Area Trainer, a LGFB volunteer facilitator, and supports a one-on-one bedside program at Banner Desert in Mesa, Ariz. Samford is kind, compassionate, and dedicated to serve others. She is dedicated to the training of other LGFB volunteers both in her community and in Northern Arizona as well. While she always puts the patient's needs first, she is also always looking out for her peer facilitators and making sure that they are treated well at sites and have the resources they need. Samford also helps at a local hospital site with a one-on-one bedside program that provides donated personal care items to cancer patients who can't leave their bed to attend a group LGFB session. She’s always making sure that all cancer patients receive quality of life care even though they can't attend the group sessions.

The Society has recognized cancer caregivers through the Lane Adams Quality of Life Award since 1988. To learn more about the American Cancer Society awards programs, visit cancer.org.