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American Cancer Society Honors the Winners of the Volunteer Staff Partnership Award
Aug 6, 2019

Today the American Cancer Society honors the winners of the 2019 American Cancer Society Volunteer Staff Partnership Award, a national honor in recognition of a volunteer and staff team that has positively impacted the American Cancer Society (ACS) mission. The recipients are Carolyn Rhee and Dan Witzling, West Region; Mike Shult and Amy Rohrer, North Region; Marty Futscher and Anne Bates, South Region; Terry Hurst and Rachael Cook, North Central Region; Brad Fletcher and Aimee Nuwer, Northeast Region; Doug Pridgen and Danette Hodges, Southeast Region; and Sandi Cassese and Lights of Hope Leadership Team, Global Headquarters.

The partnerships between volunteers and staff are critical to achieving the ACS mission. Together they operate side-by-side in the community or across the globe. These teams collaborate on projects and are key ACS to success.

Nominees must have worked together for a minimum of one year. Each volunteer and staff partnership must show leadership in a project that successfully impacted the ACS mission in at least two ways by increasing community engagements, growing revenue, reaching underserved populations, embracing diversity, recruitment and retention of volunteers, enhancing stewardship, and/or creating new opportunities. The Volunteer Staff Partnership Award Selection Workgroup carefully reviews all nominations and notifies the ACS Board of Directors of the award winners. 

Carolyn Rhee and Dan Witzling, West Region: For the past five years, Carolyn and Dan have worked together to create strong and diversified volunteer leadership. With Dan’s help, Carolyn, the LA Central Coastal Area Board chair, has successfully opened doors and engaged with new companies, organizations, and volunteers. Dan and Carolyn together lead one of the most innovative Boards in the West Region. The level of mutual respect built between Carolyn and Dan contributes to overall success of this team.

Mike Shult and Amy Rohrer, North Region: Mike and Amy have built their relationship on trust over the last six years through the Coaches vs. Cancer program. Amy worked with Mike to add a Shoot Down Cancer event at Edgewood College to increase their involvement with ACS. Mike gives of his time, talent, and finances because he believes in our mission and wants to inspire others to do the same. As a result of their partnership, Mike continues to be involved in Coaches vs. Cancer as well as advocacy, the Laureate Society, Coaches vs. Cancer galas, and motivating others to be involved in our mission.

Marty Futscher and Anne Bates, South Region: Marty and Anne have worked closely together over the last two years to successfully strengthen the relationship between ACS and all Nucor Steel employees. As a team, they have recruited additional Nucor employees to participate in fundraising initiatives and Nucor vendors to support the annual golf tournament. Anne also encouraged Marty to join the 2019 class of Voices of Hope to give him a platform to speak about his personal cancer journey. Together, Anne and Marty have supported a Relay team raising more than $400,000, helped find lodging in Memphis and Houston for a family in need, and created a relationship built on trust and communication.  

Terry Hurst and Rachael Cook, North Central Region: Terry has been a Road To Recovery driver for the past five years working alongside Rachael as his staff partner. Their partnership has had a positive impact on driver recruitment by strengthening local driver relationships and allowing us to provide more free rides to patients. Rachael recognizes Terry as a valuable volunteer, invests in his development, and finds him opportunities to fit his interests. Throughout their partnership, Terry and Rachael have found was to impact the mission through driver recruitment, advocacy, and fundraising to support our mission.

Brad Fletcher and Aimee Nuwer, Northeast Region: In the last three years, Brad and Aimee developed a close rapport, shared new ideas, and challenged one another for the benefit of our mission. This volunteer staff partner team actively recruits a strong volunteer committee for a weekly Bingo event in Front Royal supporting the Relay For Life of Front Royal-Warren County. This is a popular weekly event that the community enjoys. Brad and Aimee have developed a relationship that allows both to thrive in their roles and identify strategies to contribute to your continued success.

Doug Pridgen and Danette Hodges, Southeast Region: Doug and Danette have worked tirelessly to create a partnership built on mutual trust and respect while collaborating the past two years. With Danette’s help, Doug lead the Richmond Cattle Baron’s Ball as Presenting Sponsor and chair to a net revenue increase of $350,000 from 2016 to 2018. Their efforts to increase community engagement by creating diversity amongst the Board of Advisors made this event what it is today. Their teamwork not only attracted new volunteers, but also cultivated new donors to help further our mission. Their partnership reflects the true friendship they have built with each other.

Sandi Cassese and Lights of Hope Leadership Team, Global Headquarters: Sandi and the Lights of Hope Leadership Team worked closely together in planning all aspects of fundraising for the Lights of Hope event. Sandi alongside her staff partners recruited hundreds of volunteers to execute the day of event needs. This team held webinars for volunteers, offered themselves for coaching calls, emailed volunteers to recognize their achievements, and provided support to hundreds of volunteers who are a part of Lights of Hope. Sandi’s openness to work with a team of partners and her support of them was just as critical as the staff support for Sandi.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society awards programs, visit cancer.org.