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American Cancer Society: Tobacco Has No Place in Pharmacies
Sep 1, 2016
ACS Calls on All Pharmacies to Stop Selling Tobacco

ATLANTA--September 1, 2016--American Cancer Society Chief Executive Officer Gary M. Reedy released the following statement in response to a new study that found most adults believe pharmacies should not be allowed to sell tobacco products. The study appears in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s Office on Smoking Health

"This study shows that people recognize tobacco has no place in pharmacies. Pharmacies are increasingly becoming more than a place to pick up your prescription; they are becoming centers that deliver health. You cannot be serious about health if you are not serious about tobacco control. Now is the time for all pharmacies to stop selling tobacco, the world's leading cause of preventable death.

“We should take this opportunity to recognize the work of our partner CVS Health, which has led at the national retain chain level to end the sale of tobacco. The American Cancer Society is proud to partner with them on initiatives such as our new program to help college campuses go tobacco free.”