Media Relations Contacts

Local Journalists: For fastest service, you can locate the media relations representative in your area by calling: 1-800-ACS-2345 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Or select your region here:

Select region here:


Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi
Mallory Hill
Office: 205-918-3211
Cell: 601.467.0468

Alaska, Washington
Christina Kelly
Office: 206.674.4150
Cell: 509.435.6341

Arizona, New Mexico
Brittany Conklin
Office: 602-586-7401
Cell: 602-463-8369

California (Greater Los Angeles), Guam, Hawaii
Kristina Martel
Office: 626.243.5620
Cell: 626-222-1759

California (Orange County, Inland Empire, Bakersfield)
Beckie Moore-Flati
Office: 714.779.8104
Cell: 714.697.8666

California (Sacramento), Nevada (Reno)
Maria Robinson
Office: 916.561.2913
Cell: 916.827.0725

California (San Diego), Nevada (Las Vegas)
Robin Brown
Office: 619.682.7439
Cell: 619.345.1099

California (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose)
Robin Brown
Office: 619.682.7439
Cell: 619.345.1099

Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming
Lisa Bade
Mobile: 719.651.2905

Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island
Stephanie Balesano
Cell: 860.539.6675

Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C.
Vivienne Stearns-Elliott
Office: 410-933-5134
Cell: 410-733-6681

Florida (Southeast)
Viviana Martir
Office: 786.753.6205 
Cell: 786.608.4555

Florida (Central and Northern)
Joe Culotta
Office: 407.815.3434
Cell: 407.694.3307

Evelyn Barella
Office: 404.417.5863
Cell: 810.610.5234

James Haenes
Cell: (312) 286.3123

Ashley Noonan
Office: 317.344.7800
Cell: 317.989.9303

Iowa, Nebraska
Brian Ortner
Office: 402.398.0768
Cell: 402.681.5016

Kansas, Missouri (Kansas City)
Amy Haynes
Office: 816.218.7270
Cell: 816.916.8414

Ashley Noonan
Cell: 317.989.9303

Tracy Guara
Office: 713.706.5679
Cell: 918.850.9968

Amanda Bosherz
Office: 248.663.3400
Mobile: 586.419.2699

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Erin Noel
Office: 651-255-8145
Mobile: 651-207-9681

Christine Winter
Office: 314.286.8175
Cell: 314.517.9047

New Jersey, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Desiree Berenguer Carton
Office: 732.292.4251
Cell: 973.703.3241

New York (New York City)
Ashley Engelman
Office: 212.586.8700
Mobile: 312.502.7443

New York (New York City)
Patrice LeStrange Mack
Mobile: 845.800.4405

North Carolina, South Carolina
Paige Crone
Office: 843.744.1922
Cell: 843.343.1223

North Carolina (Raleigh)
Melanie McCullough
Mobile: 919-491-9544

Alex Houser-Vukoder
Office: 330.318.4115
Cell: 330.606.2467

Mark Beutler
Office: 405.841.5812
Cell: 405.830.8756

Gretchen Groves
Office: 503.795.3972
Cell: 503.349.9326

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)
Dan Tobin
Cell: (978) 807.8147

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), New Jersey
Taryn Jones
Office: 856-673-5731
Mobile: 570-498-9488

Angela E. Stacey
Cell: (615) 351.7555

Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth)
Kym McGee
Mobile: 314.488.9136

Texas (Houston)
Tracy Guara
Mobile: 918.850.9968

Vermont, Western and Upstate New York (Buffalo)
Kim McMahon
Office: 585.288.1950
Cell: 585.233.8441

Domenick Casuccio
Office: 804-527-3735
Cell: 804.467.2431

Washington, D.C.
Alissa Crispino
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN)
Office: 202-661-5772
Cell: 240-498-7233

Colleen McDonald
Office: 262.523.5500 ext. 4370
Cell: 414.801.3146