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American Cancer Society and MyLifeLine.org Partner to Provide Cancer Focused Social Support Services

August 18, 2015 - The American Cancer Society and MyLifeLine.org Cancer Foundation (MyLifeLine.org) are pleased to announce a new partnership to provide social and emotional support services to all people affected by cancer. The American Cancer Society is the latest nonprofit partner in MyLifeLine.org’s eight-year history.

Through the partnership, cancer patients and caregivers can connect to their community of family and friends for support through a free website via acs.mylifeline.org, allowing them to share their cancer journey and focus on healing. Services include posting health statuses and photos to easily share updates in one central location, tools to help with medical and other treatment expenses, a calendar to help organize volunteers for meals and rides and numerous resources specific to most cancer types.

“This partnership means that more cancer patients and their loved ones will have another excellent resource to help meet their survivorship needs and make their cancer experiences as stress-free as possible,” said Chuck Westbrook, senior vice-president, Cancer Control Programs and Services, American Cancer Society. “Giving them access to a tool like MyLifeLine.org makes it easier for them to ask for help and share news with their friends and family so they can focus on getting well.”

“The American Cancer Society and MyLifeLine.org share the common goal of helping people affected by cancer,” said Pete Sheehan, CEO of MyLifeLine.org.  “We reduce stress, anxiety, and isolation after a cancer diagnosis by connecting cancer patients and caregivers to their community of family and friends for social and emotional support.  We’re excited about the partnership with the American Cancer Society which will help more people access our suite of tools and services.

Through the new partnership, MyLifeLine.org will provide websites and social support services to constituents of the American Cancer Society, and the American Cancer Society will direct patients and caregivers to MyLifeLine.org’s services.  More information about the partnership can be found here: acs.mylifeline.org.

Both organizations are committed to helping people affected by cancer navigate the communication challenges that arise after a cancer diagnosis.

About MyLifeLine.org

MyLifeLine.org Cancer Foundation connects cancer patients and caregivers to their community of family and friends for social and emotional support.  We provide online communication and stress reducing tools that allow patients and caregivers to share their journey and focus on healing.  MyLifeLine.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing services free to anyone impacted by cancer.  Since 2007 MyLifeLine.org has served more than 130,000 people globally in more than 20 countries.  More information is available at MyLifeLine.org.