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Study Finds Modest Association Between Fruits and Vegetables Intake and Cancer Risk

A new study finds modest association between fruits and vegetables consumption and cancer risk. The study appears in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, published on April 6, 2010. Researchers found "a very modest association between high intake of fruits and vegetables and reduced risk of cancer." Below are comments from Michael J. Thun, MD, vice president emeritus, Epidemiology & Surveillance Research, in response to the study:

"The results from this large, multi-country European study support the American Cancer Society Nutrition Guidelines in that participants who ate the most vegetables and fruit had up to a ten percent lower risk of being diagnosed with any cancer than those who ate the least. The results were consistent across countries, and cancer risk was lower in never and former smokers, as well as in those who smoked."


"The American Cancer Society recommends a diet that includes a variety of healthful foods with an emphasis on plant sources such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains."  


Please also see the American Cancer Society guidelines for nutrition and physical activity here: