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GAVI Alliance Negotiates Low Prices for HPV Vaccines
Statement from John R. Seffrin, PhD., Chief Executive Officer, American Cancer Society

Today, the GAVI Alliance has announced they have negotiated new record low prices for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines to help protect millions of girls in developing countries against cervical cancer. Initial availability of this vaccine will begin this month in Kenya, followed by Ghana, Lao PDR, Madagascar, Malawi, Niger, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania.  

Below is a statement from Society chief executive officer John R. Seffrin, PhD:

"One of the biggest tragedies about cervical cancer is that it is largely preventable.  In the US, many women have access to HPV vaccines that help prevent cervical  cancer, and screening and treatment. Today, few women in the US die from the disease. But in Africa and other parts of the developing world, cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths. African women often don’t have access to cancer screening and treatment, and HPV vaccines are either not available or are too expensive.  
Where you live should not determine whether you survive cervical cancer. Cancer should not be about where you are born. Last year, GAVI’s decision to provide HPV vaccine support to  poorer countries was a major step forward in making HPV vaccines available to girls living in developing countries. Now, the announcement of a record low vaccine price  makes the vaccine more affordable. Tens of millions of girls across sub-Saharan Africa will be vaccinated, offering hope of a future free from cervical cancer."

For more information on this announcement, visit gavialliance.org.