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M. Judah Folkman, Noted Cancer Researcher, Dies at 74

Atlanta 2008/01/17 -Renowned cancer researcher and American Cancer Society grantee Dr. Judah Folkman passed away suddenly this week at age 74. In the face of deep skepticism, Dr. Folkman, of Children's Hospital of Boston, pioneered research into an area of research called angiogenesis, the role of blood vessel growth in disease. His was an idea that when first proposed was not only unconventional but viewed by most experts as irrelevant to cancer. Dr. Folkman received an ACS grant in 1964 to support his early training. In 1971, he received the first-ever ACS grant to study angiogenesis. That grant led to the Dr. Folkman's 1975 publication of his groundbreaking research showing tumors need their own blood supply to grow. His work has led to the development of ten cancer drugs and dozens of others in development.

"We are deeply saddened to learn of Dr. Folkman's passing," said John R. Seffrin, PhD, national chief executive officer of the American Cancer Society. "Dr. Folkman was a true giant in cancer research, but he will also be remembered for his humanity and generosity. Dr. Folkman has been an inspiration to generations of American Cancer Society volunteers and staff, as well as countless young researchers who learned to follow their ideas, however unconventional they sounded to others. He will no doubt continue be an inspiration to future generations, as well. He will be profoundly missed by everyone in the cancer community and by so many more."

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