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American Cancer Society National Media Briefing Webcast Replay Now Available

New York 2008/03/28 -The American Cancer Society hosted an informative national media briefing in New York on March 14, with a panel of top cancer experts discussing the latest developments in cancer research, prevention, early detection, patient services, and more.

The briefing was recorded and is now available via webcast. To view, please use this link: http://www.fc-tv.com/webcast/acs/default-live.asp. Please note that you will need to register to view the replay. Once you register, a unique URL will be sent to your email, which you will be able to use for any future viewing.

The agenda for the event is below. Please note that you may choose to view the briefing in its entirety, or any individual session that may interest you.

10:15 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. What’s New in the Fight Against Cancer?

This session focuses on the state of the science, health disparities and access to care, the importance of early detection, the Society’s new colorectal cancer guidelines and existing screening guidelines.

Otis W. Brawley, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Robert A. Smith, PhD, Director of Cancer Screening

11:25 a.m. – 11:55 p.m. Cancer Beyond our Borders

This session focuses on the global cancer and tobacco burden.

Thomas J. Glynn, PhD, Director, Cancer Science and Trends and Director, International Cancer Control

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Lunch and Stories from the Front Line

Cancer survivors and their caregivers share their experiences with the disease, and you’ll hear first hand about the global cancer burden in South Africa.

Karen L. Radwin, Senior Managing Executive, Hope Lodge New York City

W. Garrison Jackson, American Cancer Society Volunteer and President and CEO of Circulation Experti, Ltd.

1:05 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Cancer Prevention & Early Detection: Big and Small Changes That Can Reduce Risk

This session focuses on how your audience can reduce their risk of cancer through diet, physical activity and not smoking. Find out why what it says on the scales influences cancer risk, and how where we live, work and play affects our health.

Colleen M. Doyle, MS, RD, Director, Nutrition and Physical Activity

Thomas J. Glynn, PhD, Director, Cancer Science and Trends and Director, International Cancer Control

2:05 p.m. – 3:20 p.m. Life with and beyond Cancer

This session includes presentations from the Society’s Behavioral Research Center on quality of life among cancer survivors and new, soon to be published research. You’ll also learn about how the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge helps cancer patients and their caregivers and will get a preview of the Society’s newest public awareness campaign to reach Spanish-speaking people who are newly diagnosed or are caring for someone who is newly diagnosed.

Youngmee Kim, PhD, Director, Family Studies – Quality of Life of Couples Dealing with Cancer (new research presentation)

Kevin D. Stein, PhD, Director, Quality of Life Research – Exercise Adherence Among Cancer Survivors (new research presentation)

Kristen G. Solt, Vice President, Hope Lodge Network

Jacqueline Delmont, MD, American Cancer Society Volunteer

Andrew Becker
Director, Media Relations
American Cancer Society